How osteopathy can help you

The whole family

Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment for a wide variety of medical conditions. We work to restore balance to the body by using touch, joint manipulation, massage, stretching and medical acupuncture. This increases mobility, relieves muscle tension, and enhances blood and nerve supply to encourage your body’s natural healing process without the need for drugs or surgery. Things we commonly treat include

General aches and pains including all areas and joints of the body

Back and neck pain



Arthritic pain

Muscle spasm

Chronic pain

Golfers and tennis elbow

Many other conditions can also be helped, please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Pregnancy experts

Here at Lotus Osteopathy we can help with all of your pre and post-natal concerns.

The female body faces huge changes during the nine months of pregnancy which can highlight areas of weakness and cause discomfort. This can include lower back pain, pelvic dysfunction, sciatica, neck pain and digestive issues just to name a few. Despite common belief these issues are not something you have to put up with. Treatment during and after your pregnancy s tailored to your individual needs to enable you to have a comfortable pregnancy, and adapt to motherhood with ease. Contact us to see how we can help!

For baby

Babies have various mechanisms through which they cope with the process of birth. In some cases, if the birth has been difficult or complicated for example a prolonged delivery, caesarean section, or instrument assisted delivery, it can result in some minor difficulties in early life.

Osteopathic treatment of babies is very delicate in its approach, by gently encouraging rebalancing of the musculoskeletal system it helps return the body to normal function.


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